Workshop run by well-known family therapist Nicole Kingston
This workshop is for you if your child
– Worries unnecessarily
– Experiences fears
– Is a big thinker & is often “in their head”
– Is anxious
– Is excessively needy
– Has difficulty detaching from you
– Is smart but struggles to complete basic tasks
In our busy, overloaded and over stimulating lifestyles today, children are struggling to cope, families are suffering and parents are finding it difficult to know how to help their little ones.
Worry, and its most severe form, anxiety, amongst children today is at epidemic proportions. In fact it is the fastest growing mental health issue for children.
It can cripple them and cause huge disruption to their AND your lives.
Childhood is a time for fun, but instead our children often find themselves worrying, over-thinking things, unable to detach from us, unable to enjoy simple things due to fears, constantly pulling on us for direction and support. They require constant attention and often develop rules their parents “have” to follow in order to make the day pass without a tantrum.
This drains us and debilitates them.
You CAN create change and more easily than you think. Come and learn how to shift their feelings and free your child from the debilitating effects of worry and anxiety.
Don’t feel helpless anymore. Stop the confusion & upset & find a clear path forward for you & your child.