Do you have trouble using a computer?

Maybe understanding English is difficult for you.

Just finding it hard to pass the L1 test?

We have FREE L1 driver training and testing.

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We welcome you to attend at no cost, to present a new initiative in assisting with the training of people to get them ready for the Road Rules L1 Test.  Upon attendance, you will also receive free of charge the new film footage,  which illustrates the road rules in a USB format to connect straight in to your computer or lap top.

Learning and teaching the L1 Road Rules can be an issue respectively for both the Participant and Tutor, especially if there is a language barrier or literacy issue.

When someone cannot read the Road Rules, it is very hard for them to comprehend the full road safety aspects.

If you as a Tutor are in the position of providing training on the Road Rules to people, we may be able to help you get the message across with our new, professionally developed and produced filming package.

The footage covers a range of aspects regarding the Road Rules with actual road footage, a voice over to explain the rules, written instructions and various highlights to clearly demonstrate driving from the driver’s seat.

You as the Tutor and your participants will be assisted in the main building blocks of learning through Auditory, Visual, Kinaesthetic and Written training methods.

One Refugee Interpreter stated, “the video helps me explain the road rules so much better to members of my community.  It has made it so much easier.”

A 16 year old female College Student stated, “I wish I had been able to see the video before I went for my L1 test as I would have passed it the first time.

A 17 year old male student stated, “I now have the confidence to do the test after watching the film footage, and I learnt things I did not know or fully understand.”